Pixar’s CARS ROAD TRIP Die-cast Models

I am officially giving up. I’ve said again and again that I was not going to buy another version of the die-cast model cars from the Pixar movie Cars. But what have I done? During a recent trip to Wal-mart I just happened to be walking through the toy department (on my way to the manly tool department) when these little guys called out to me:


‘Called out’. ‘Revved their engines’. I don’t remember!

The next thing I knew I was carrying three packages of die-cast models to the cash register to give Disney more of my hard-earned money.

road-trip-cars-2     road-trip-cars-3

road-trip-cars-4     road-trip-cars-5

road-trip-cars-6     road-trip-cars-7

And why was I so weak? How did Disney/Pixar suck me in to buying my umpteenth Lightning McQueen? Because he has a surf board on his roof. Sally has a roof carrier. And Sarge is decked out with survival gear. Oh, and they all have trailer hitches.

Yes folks, it’s the Road Trip County Edition! Or RD TRIP in promotional script. I’m assuming Disney will soon release the RD TRIP Trailer Editions to go with the hitches!


Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen





I’ve already set some money aside for the next version. As I said, I give up! In fact, Disney, if you’re reading this, just send them directly to me C.O.D. and let’s cut out the middle man, eh?

P. S.- By the way, just to save some face here, Wal-mart also had Ramone, Filmore, and Flo versions, but I resisted them. Take that Disney!

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