Podcast: Lee was ‘On the Road With Mickey’

Mike Ellis and I have been friends and partners in Blogging (instead of crime) for many years now and have recently connected in a new way, via a podcast! I was On the Road with Mickey!

I have guest-starred (as it were) on podcasts before but have never hosted one of my own. It’s a lot of work and a big commitment which Mike and his daughter, Sophie, are handling very well indeed. If you haven’t listened to their unique father/daughter interactions about travel and Disney, you’ve missed out on a real treat!

As you can see from the screen capture below, being a part of On the Road with Mickey – the Podcast is a lot of fun:

Please click the link and see for yourself! On Episode 25 we discussed vacationing on a tight budget. You can follow Mike on social media such as Facebook, follow the Podcast here, or watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!

Another podcaster I follow is Lou Mongello. He wrote a book called 102 Ways to Save Money at Walt Disney World and you can read my review here.

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