Sultan’s Palace Cookie Jar from Disney’s Aladdin

Aladdin was an animated film released in 1992 by the Walt Disney company and again in 2019 as a live-action extravaganza. Whichever version you prefer, they both follow the plot of an Arabian street urchin who finds a magic lamp containing a genie. Aladdin disguises himself as a wealthy prince and tries to impress the Sultan and his daughter, Jasmine. As one does.

Compared to the humble abode of Aladdin, the Sultan’s Palace must seem like… well, a palace! So naturally a great deal of the film centers around this location.

Let’s have a look at the Palace as rendered in cookie jar form:

Front & Entrance

So the tiny little door at the base is an entry point, but how would one reach the staircase to the much grander entrance above? Methinks the Sultan does not want to share his cookies!

Rather Generic Box

I was surprised at how bland the box was for this product. Enesco clearly put some excellent work into the ceramic figurines and collectibles offered in this line, but couldn’t be bothered to tailor the box to each individual item. Cost effective, to be sure, but lame!

The only way to know what is inside!

So to know what you are buying, you have to swivel the box to the side and look at the printed image and description. Otherwise, you could be buying anything!

Okay, grousing aside, the actual cookie jar is beautiful! So let’s get back to it:

Left Side of the Palace

I’m assuming the orangey stuff on the side is some kind of tree or foliage, but why is it also growing on the Palace? Where’s the groundskeeper?

Back Side of the Palace

More orangey growth. Or is it actually desert sand? You can also see that the Sultan apparently doesn’t like windows. I guess it would have saved money during construction.

Right Side of the Palace

Again, only two windows on this side of the Palace. It must be very dark in this building and a real drag if you want to admire the view. No wonder Jasmine sneaked out!

Lifting the Roof

The Sultan’s cookies are safe except for the fact that the entire roof of the Palace can be easily lifted off. You don’t even need a genie to help you rob this cookie jar!

A look inside the empty (?) Palace

What’s this? The Sultan has the last laugh as he has cunningly stashed his cookies somewhere else! Drat!

The Bottom of the Palace

When I saw this collectible piece, I knew it would make a good addition to my cookie jar collection.

I picked this up at a clearance sale when a store called The Cartoon Kingdom was moving its location across town (Windsor, ON to be exact). So it cost a little over $20 CAN after the 70% discount! How could I resist? I have an interesting post involving some discarded signage from this store if you’d like to check it out.

For more cookie jars, check out the Disneyland 40th Anniversary Castle or José Carioca. Both keep your cookies fresh in style!

EDITORIAL UPDATE: (July 1, 2022) Unfortunately, the Sultan’s Palace has suffered catastrophic damages! An earthquake, in the form of my father, hit the palace around 8pm two evenings ago. All the upper turrets were smashed beyond repair, leaving only the base intact. No repairs are planned and the Sultan is presently looking at other options to store his cookies. RIP

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