1982 Newspaper Article featuring Me and Marvel Comics

And with three of my friends! Yes, back in the day, I had youth and much more hair. And hundreds of valuable comic books. Time moved on, I grew older, my hairline receded, and my comic book collection got sold off. But this embarrassing newspaper article still remains to remind me of it all!

Published on July 28th of 1982 my friends and I made Page 3 with a full-page spread and an additional overflow on Page 17. For the small town of Havelock, ON, we were Big News!

The dialogue balloons are pretty lame! I’m on the far left, top

Jim, Scott, and Bob were three fellow comic book readers that I swapped and traded copies with. If you enlarge and read the article you will see that we were passionate about collecting but not always accurate in our information about pricing, dates, and other ‘facts’ about comics. But hey, we were teenagers! Who did research?

It’s funny to read how we all hated on DC Comics and gushed over Marvel Comics. The opposite of the boys on The Big Bang Theory!

Fun and Cash! I’m on the left again

The article also mentions how each of us liked to draw our favorite characters. About myself, the article said: “… this ability to draw seems to be inherent in most comic book fans, with some, like Lee Beatens, showing remarkable talent.” I’m blushing! Just a year later I did go to art college, so there’s that. You can barely see some of my artwork in the first picture posted in the article.

The article concluded by mentioning that we kids were planning a trip to Toronto to visit the comic book stores on Queen Street. We did do that, with Bob and Jim joining me for the long train trip.

So this article was written 38 years ago! I still have my copy, yellow and flimsy, but still preserving a small slice of my youth. Below I’ve included a picture of a comic-style character I drew while still in college, in 1984:

I hope you enjoyed this trip down my memory lane. Maybe you know me just a little bit better now! My condolences.

BONUS MATERIAL: How about a little ‘Then and Now’?

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