‘Something Wild!’ Card Game of Character Combos

I’ve been collecting a few Funko Pop! figurines but only recently knew that the company also produced a card game called Something Wild!

Let’s have a look at the packaging:

This game comes in a few variations with each containing a different Funko character figurine. Now we’ll unpack the box:

The box says the game can be played by people ages 6 and up. I find that hard to believe after reading the instructions! But maybe I’m not smarter than a 5th Grader, or whatever, and maybe you’ll understand better. So here are the instructions:

Okay, are you ready to play? I’m getting that you pick up and play cards hoping to obtain ‘power’ cards that will give you an advantage. To use these cards you have to have the character figure in front of you. The idea is to collect at least three ‘power’ cards to win!

Yeah, maybe it requires a 6-year old to explain it?

Above are another five Disney variations of the game. But I’m pretty sure I saw a box showing a different IP in the store where I bought mine.

I thought the character pictures were cute and should be fun to play with. There’s even a young Pete without his peg leg!

Above you can see a collection of ‘power’ cards.

Are you ready to play now?

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