Woody’s Cowboy Hat – Adult Male Size

Some time ago we went to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI for a special exhibit featuring Pixar animation. And you guessed it: The attraction exited into a gift shop! Not like that ever happens.

You can see my review of that exhibit, called The Science Behind Pixar, by clicking the link. But if you do that, be sure to come back and see what I bought:

‘Hey Howdy Hey!’ It’s Woody’s Cowboy Hat

The Disney Store and the Disney Theme Parks all sell versions of this hat. However, I’ve never been able to find it in adult sizes, especially for my big head! So imagine how excited I was to find it in my size in a gift shop for a travelling exhibition!

It’s all in the details

I like the darker band and the lacing around the brim. Extra detail that just makes the piece!

No Dandruff, Pardner !

I haven’t had the opportunity to wear this hat very much… yet! So it’s stayed in excellent shape as it hangs on my wall as a display piece.

The labels lead me to believe that this hat was not made especially for the Pixar exhibition, as it is not branded as such. I also bought a t-shirt which did have the logo from the exhibit on the label, so there was branded merchandise to be had.

So what does it look like as it shades my chiseled features, framing my noble brow, and sitting atop my noggin?

Clint Eastwood, eat yer heart out, pardner! You too, Woody. I wear it better!

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