Mickey Mouse Talking Alarm Clock Radio Telephone

Now ain’t that a mouthful! I have many Mickey Mouse phones. Some are animated, others talk, but this one I’m sharing in this post does just about everything! Well, it hasn’t made me toast yet, but I live in hope.

TeleMania is the company responsible for distributing this model making it a Segan Product. It was designed by M. H. Segan. I have another Mickey Phone by the same people which you can see here.

What I love about this version is the vintage vibe it has:

Just Chillaxin’

It’s pretty common for newer phones to have the push buttons for dialing embedded in an older style rotary dial. Adds to the old time look! This model was released in 2002. You can see the snooze button for the alarm on the front as well as the tuner for the radio. When plugged in, the red screen shows the time.

On the right side of the phone (above, left) there’s a fine tune dial for the radio. Also the switches for the AM/FM frequencies and volume, again, for the radio. And lastly are the controls for the alarm.

On the left side of the phone (above, right) are the control buttons to set the clock and the alarm.

On the back of the phone we find the power port, Tone/Pulse selector, ring volume, a button to select whether the phone rings when there is an incoming call or if Mickey speaks up instead. Lastly there is the input port for the phone cord and the receiver cord.

The receiver is pretty standard. On the bottom are found many stickers and imprints explaining standards and codes that the phone has met. Also the name of the phone and the manufacturer.

I’m missing the proper power adaptor but have been able to repurpose a power cord from an old laptop. With that in place, I was able to hear the phrases Mickey uses to let you know when an incoming call is waiting:

Anybody Home?

Hey! (chuckles) The Phone’s ringin’!

Gosh! (chuckles) Anybody gonna answer that?

Whoever it is, they sure wanna talk to ya!

Gee, (chuckles) I wonder who it is?

Why not listen to Mickey spout off the sayings himself? Check out the video below:

This phone is hearing aid compatible and has last number redial. It also has a battery backup (9 V) to keep the clock and alarm functioning in the event of a power outage.

One online site specializing in Novelty Phones had this one listed for $149.95 US. eBay has many used models listed for between $50.00 and $100.00 US, with and without the original box and instruction manual.

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