Mickey Mouse UNIMASS Race Car Pencil Case

This is an unusual item. It can be used as a toy because it has small wheels on the bottom of the tin making it possible to roll it around like a car. But you can also open it and use it for its intended purpose: A Pencil Case. I guess that’s one way to sneak a toy into class!

Let’s have a look at the gorgeous lines of this race car:

The Money Shot

Very streamlined for fast racing… or studying.

The front of the car (upper left) looks like a Rolls Royce or Bentley while the back of the car (upper right) looks more like a Corvette.

From the side it could be… a Camaro? A Viper?

This piece of merchandise has some nice badging. Mickey is on the hood and the roof. On the roof, Mickey seems to be in front of the old Disney Channel logo. On the trunk lid there are three ‘M’ shapes with Mickey striking a pose within each one. On the undercarriage, Mickey strikes a common pose in front of a ‘hidden Mickey’ icon.

We also find by looking on the bottom that the manufacturer is Unimass. The link will take you to a website that seems to be unused, or at least hasn’t been updated in some time. But there are a few Disney-related products still advertised. You will have to use the translate button as the site is in Chinese.


When I first tried to open this product I thought it was only an empty tin for storage. But then I was delighted to find that it has two trays that open outwards.

Fully Loaded

So logically, it was intended to be a pencil case.

Six dollars later I was ready to add another car-related Disney item to my collection! Vrr-Ooooom!

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