Disney Time Works Mickey Mouse Mantle Clock

Of course, it will have to be a very, very, very, very, small mantle! This Mantle Clock would probably fit best in Barbie’s Malibu Dream Home. Barbie is technically ‘Disney’ now, right? Well, if not, she can still rock the Mickey décor!

It may be small, but it’s big on cuteness:

Mini Mickey

Pictures are often misleading. The clock looks big in the image above, but it’s actually only two and a half inches tall.

Although it looks like gold, I would surmise this is gold in colour only. The lacquer is wearing off a bit. But still a nice little piece to display.

Felt Bottom

The bottom has a felt pad. The object itself is quite heavy for something so small. So the felt would protect any surface it was placed upon.

Close Up of Back

This piece is part of the Disney Time Works collection. I looked on the Internet to see if I could find other examples of such miniature clocks from the collection, and found this:

Note that the top is pretty much identical to mine but with the addition of the base and pendulum. Great! Now there is something else I have to hunt down to add to my collection!

There were a few other pieces that looked interesting, so if you’re into miniatures, there are quite a few options out there! And there is one unique option right here on the blog: Disney’s Animal Kingdom BIG DIG Clock. But it’s not for sale! And it’s not miniature, just smallish.

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6 Responses to Disney Time Works Mickey Mouse Mantle Clock

  1. Brad Kramer says:

    Anyone have an idea of the year this was made?

  2. Ricky says:

    I have in my possession the clock on the bottom. Any idea of what it’s worth?

    • Dis-LEE says:

      With collectibles, it truly is just what you can get for it. I see some are on offer for 30-50 USD while another is wanting over 300 USD. These miniature mantle-style clocks are not rare as many were made and the original selling price was reasonable. The market isn’t strong for this particular Disney item, so I think 50 USD would be a realistic ask. I hope this helps and thanks for commenting!

  3. Debbie C. says:

    I have this exact clock. My sister worked at the Magic Kingdom 26 years and was an avid collector. She passed in 2017and the clock was given to me.
    Question…does the back place unscrew to change the battery.
    You can email me at mothership214@gmail.com.
    Thank you,

    • Dis-LEE says:

      It won’t unscrew, but should pop off with a small prying tool, just like is done with wrist watches. If you have a problem, as some watch backs are hard to remove, simply take it to a local jeweler, and they can do it. I hope this helps!

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