Sunflight Airlines Disney Vacation Ticket Folder

It’s hard to place just which airline would have used this particular ticket folder. Currently, there is a SUNFLIGHT WORLD TRAVEL INC. registered with Corporations Canada. The incorporation date for that company is January 1, 1970, which would be period correct for the image on the cover. However, there was also a Sun Airlines that operated out of Florida from 1969 to 1978. So that company could have had a promotional program called ‘Sunflight’ as well.

So just as the tickets are missing from this folder, so too is the history of the airline that presented it. I can find no actual airline with the name ‘Sunflight’.

Front of Folder – Closed

I’m placing the vintage of this folder to some time in the 1970’s because of the image of the Castle and because of the clothing worn by the people in front of it.

Folder Opened – Outside Face

I have to admit, although I picked this piece of ephemera up from another Disney collector, I have kept all of the paraphernalia from my flights to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. If it has a Disney image on it, I collect it!

Folder Opened – Inside Pockets

Sunflight. SUNFLIGHT. I guess we could surmise that this was an airline that mainly serviced Florida because of the reference to the sun.

For another Disney-themed folder, check out our earlier post entitled Our Disneyland Guide Books and Ephemera. That folder has an awesome stylistic rendering of the Parks iconic Castle!

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