Home Sense Oversized Disney Mini Mitts

Yes, you read that right. These are ‘oversized’ ‘mini’ mitts. So they are both too big and too small at the same time. Now that’s marketing! Or something. Either way, big or small, they are cute and functional.

So let’s preheat the post to 450 degrees, set the oven rack in the middle position, and start mixing the ingredients for our text:

Cooking Together since 1928

Mickey and Minnie first met in the classic animated Short entitled Steamboat Willie and have had a long, long, long, long, oh-so painfully long, courtship, ever since. But one thing has always been there: cooking. Yup. Cooking. They cook a LOT in their Shorts. Well, not in shorts as in ‘tiny pants’, but in the animated Shorts, or films, and… oh, you get it!

By ‘Mini’ they mean ‘Small’

So these are smaller than regular oven mitts that cover the whole hand and some of the lower arm. These only cover the hand up to the wrist. So I don’t quite understand the ‘oversized’ designation. Maybe they meant ‘overstuffed’ in reference to how fluffy they are?

Oven Mitt or Monster?

Not into cooking? Why not use them for a puppet show? I think they would make a great monster, don’t you? (Insert your best beast growl here. Go ahead. No one will hear you!)

Many retail stores carry licensed Disney merchandise, most notably, Hallmark or Target. But in this case, HomeSense got in the act and offered these fun little kitchen accessories.

I received these as a gift so don’t know how much they cost. But according to the HomeSense website, similar mini mitts go for about $30.00 US. So can you only make mini muffins or mini cookies with a pair of mini mitts?

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