Hallmark Keepsake ‘Disney Autopia’ Ornament

A Futuristic Freeway to Fun!

The ongoing debate surrounding Autopia in Disneyland (1956) and the Tomorrowland Speedway in Walt Disney World (1971) is just how is a gas-powered engine something of the future? And in 2021, the issue is even more relevant!

But who cares. They’re both fun.

Yes, I never miss the opportunity to breathe in the noxious fumes as I’m deafened by the noisy putt-putt engine. I thrill to the pedestrian pace of my ‘race’ car as I have no choice but to follow the path laid out for me. Ah, the not-so open road! Fun.

It may not make sense, but I’m obsessed with this attraction! I collect anything related to it, such as this wonderful Hallmark Keepsake Ornament:

See? Even Mickey loves it!

Hallmark used to release a series of ornaments based on various intellectual properties a few months before Christmas each year. Now it seems that there is always a selection. I just picked up this 2021 release in July. A tad before the season!

I’m not a big fan of holidays (vacations yes, holidays no). What I like about these ornaments is that they can be displayed year round. With no Santa hats or celebratory slogans scrawled on them, they really can be collected as a work of art.

I usually find many of these ornaments attractive. But they can range in price from an entry level offering like this one at $18.99 US / $23.00 CAN to well over $40.00 or more! Ouch.

The level of detail on these ornaments is always impressive. They constitute a true representation of the intellectual property being rendered. And Hallmark ensures that the quality matches anything Disney might be releasing through the Disney Store or any of its Parks.

Each new release is crafted by an artist. I wish the artist’s name was imprinted on the piece as is the case with Disney Vinylmations. Credit where credit is due!

Even the inside of the piece is detailed. Mickey has his foot on the gas pedal, his hand on the steering wheel, and his butt firmly planted in a seat.

For more fun with the Disneyland Autopia cars, or the Walt Disney World Tomorrowland Speedway cars, just click the links!

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