Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Minnie Mouse Shot Glass

Whether you plan to drown your sorrows or pick your teeth, you’ll need a receptacle to hold the necessary device to achieve your goal. So either this Shot Glass or Toothpick Holder should do the trick!

I’ll leave it to you to decide which one you need:

Fill’er Up!

Once again, a Charity Shop has yielded up an unexpected find. I live in a rather small rural-type town in Ontario, Canada. So one doesn’t expect to walk into a second hand store and see something that was purchased in China! Made in China, yes. Purchased there and brought back to Canada and donated to charity? No, not so much.

As a Disney collector, I love to flesh out my collection with items from other parts of the world, off-shore items like this one. I won’t likely ever visit China myself, so having something from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is a treat!

Note the price sticker in the center picture above. HK$68.00 was the original selling price. Now that sounds ridiculously high until you realize that it is in Renminbi, the currency of China. So it is actually about $13.00 CAN or $10.50 US. I paid just $3.99 CAN used.

Bottoms Up!

Sold in China but made in Thailand? Being as so many of our North American products are made in China, I always wondered where their stuff was made! Now I know.

Have you decided how you would use this unique receptacle yet?

To read a Fact Sheet about Hong Kong Disneyland, be sure to click the link to open a previous post of mine from 2015. You’ll also find a Fun Fact about the Park!

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