Foody Friday: Mickey and Friends Green Seedless Grapes

Disney is so pervasive that it literally shows up everywhere! In a store? There’s a piece of merchandise. Walking down the street? There’s a billboard. Listening to the radio or watching TV? There’s a commercial. Just minding your own business? There’s no way to do that with Disney!

So, are you shopping for food at your local supermarket? There’s a bag of Mickey and Friends Green Seedless Grapes:

Other than the Disney branding, there was no indication of where these grapes were grown. I’ll assume the USA for lack of any other information.

The bag says that the grapes are No.1 Grade, but they didn’t look that good to me. They were a bit small and slightly discolored. Not very appetizing so I didn’t buy them!

Disney has a long tradition of linking its characters to food starting as far back as the 1930s. From Donald Duck Orange Juice to Mickey Mouse Post Toasties cereal, if it’s edible, a Disney character has promoted it!

I wonder how many items of food you have in your home right now that have a Disney character on the box?

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