Funko Soda KUZCO Collectible Vinyl Figure

“No touchy!” Yup, because it’s mine. This Funko Soda Kuzco collectible vinyl figure was just too cool to pass up. Whether the Emperor is a spoiled brat or a talking llama, he’s nothing if not entertaining!

So now that we have set ‘The Groove’, let us have a little peruse:

Sitting pretty for his photo op, Kuzco seems to have come to terms with being a llama. Do you remember in the movie when he was cycling through other animal forms on his way to hopefully becoming human again? After many attempts, he becomes a llama and happily shouts “Yea, I’m a llama again! No, wait…” I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

I’m really beginning to love these Funko Soda can figurines. They have a unique look all their own beyond the regular Funko Pop! offerings. You can see my Stan Lee version here.

With every can you get a Pog thingy. Why? Don’t know. Don’t care. Oh, that’s so Kuzco!

So I’ve noticed that with these Pog things, they always seem to have a different run count than the figure on the can. Kuzco is 1/8000 but the Pog says 1/6,700. If anyone can explain this to me, I’d appreciate it! The all-knowing Internet has been unable to give me a conclusive answer.

I have Emperor Kuzco, Pacha, and Kronk Funko Pop figures on a shelf of my main display unit. This version of Kuzco as a llama completes the set! Right next to them is a wonderful Emperor’s New Groove Coffee Mug with swivel action. You should check it out!

Kuzco: “Don’t tell me. We’re about to end the post.”

Dislee: “Yup.”

Kuzco:Fun Facts at the bottom?”

Dislee: “Most likely.”

Kuzco: “Bring it on.”

FUN FACTS: The Sweatbox is a documentary that chronicled the tumultuous collaboration of Sting (yup, the Police front man) and David Hartley with the Disney studios to compose six songs for Kingdom of the Sun (the film’s original working title). That all fell through as Disney ‘went in a different direction’ and the creative team was ‘let go’. And that’s how we got the film we all know and love today! But what might have been if everyone could have worked out a compromise?

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