Found Disney: Disney-themed Helium Balloons

I’ve been keeping my eyes open when I’m out and about lately to see what Disney-themed merchandise I can find. You would think it would be everywhere, but sometimes, you have to look up. That certainly was the case when I saw these quirky Disney-themed helium balloons in my local Walmart:

“To the rafters, and beyond!”

Buzz Lightyear seems to have brought along a few of his fellows Space Cadets from Star Command! Let’s get him on his own for a closer look:

Both sides of the balloon are identical. Each balloon comes with a stick for holding instead of a string. This is also the case with the Winnie the Pooh balloon I found just down the aisle:

“I’m just a little cute helium balloon, floating around the ceiling rafters!”

Pooh seems to be having another ‘episode’ worthy of a Heffalump or Woozle fever dream! Just how much Pooh can Walmart allow in its aisles?!?

Pooh has his name stamped on his rump, er… rumpus room, just in case he forgets who he is. Although, it may be hard for him to achieve the necessary angle to read it!

I hope this Found Disney post lifted your spirits!

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