Monsters Inc. CDA Agent Talking Figure

“We have a 2319!” No scarier words have ever been spoken in the world of Monsters Inc. The CDA Agent talking figure that I’m featuring in this post says it… a lot! There must be an outbreak of child in Monstropolis.

Some have two arms, some have four. Some have two eyes and some have more. But what they all have in common is the colour yellow and a profound intolerance for human youth!

This is a talking toy from Hasbro dated from 2001. This is also the year that the first movie of the franchise came out, so what we have here is not only a ‘2319’ in progress, but an original toy manufactured to promote the film.

Simply push his buttons (middle picture, above, but not something I’d usually recommend with a law enforcement officer) and watch, and hear, him come to life:

Agent Spiel & Sounds

If you remember in the first film, George Sanderson got on the wrong side of the CDA (Child Detection Agency) when he came back through a scare door with a human child’s sock stuck to his back. You can see how that turned out for him by clicking the link.

In fact, I had to surgically remove George’s batteries (from his lower back) to delicately insert them in this CDA Agent’s butt. It wasn’t anyone’s finest moment.

You can also see the speaker that emits the voice and sounds in the picture above.

I’ll have to leave you now as Roz is yelling at me to file my paperwork on this post. She’s always watching, always watching!

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