The Lion King Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set

For awhile, Disney was playing a game with movie collectors. First they would release a regular DVD version of the movie. This would have one disc and not many extras. Keep in mind, this was before the days of Blu-ray. Then they would release a two-disc Platinum Edition DVD with tons of extras. But wait, they weren’t done yet!

Then came, in this case, the Lion King Special Edition Collector’s DVD Gift Set (2003)! Behold the unparalleled glory of the set you should have waited for:

Box Cover Sleeve

Decorative and exclusive packaging? Check. Platinum Edition DVD that you already have? Check. Hardcover book? Check. Limited Edition lithographs in paper frames? Check. Yet another Disney product you can’t live without? Double check!

It’s not often that a person will admit he’s an idiot, so enjoy it while you can. Yes, I was sucked into this ‘gotta-have-it’ craze along with too many other Disney fans! But in my case, it wasn’t just once, but three times. I also have the Cinderella and Aladdin sets.

Contents of Platinum Edition DVD

Joking aside, these gift sets are wonderful. The Platinum Edition DVD has many nice extras and reflects a time when Disney didn’t know that we’d buy their movies even if they released them with no extras and at twice the price. These were the times when Disney was trying to impress us with content! Remember those days?

When’s the last time you got a hardcover book with your movie? These gift sets came with a 160-page book that covered the movie in two parts: A making-of story and the highlights of the movie told in storybook form.

And then came the tastiest bait to hook you and reel you in! The set of nine lithographic print reproductions of original portrait drawings of your favorite characters from the movie in question. In this case, again, we have The Lion King cast:

Fish have the good sense to struggle and put up a fight when a fisherman tries to reel them in. Disney fans? We just open our mouths, swallow the bait, and enjoy the ride!

Are these gift sets worth it? I believe you’ll be thankful they caught you!

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