Disney Store Opening Ceremony Key Pin

Commemorate the Disney Store Opening Ceremony and unlock your imagination with a replica key pin.”

By now we all know that the Disney Store is on it’s last legs. Soon, all of the locations in the United States and Canada will close, leaving only small displays in Target stores and the online shopping experiences.

Every Disney Store started each day with a ceremony that involved a larger version of this key.

You can check out my previous post here to see more information about the Opening Ceremony along with two other collectibles related to the key.

2″ in Length

I bought this pin at the Disney Store located in the Scarbourgh Town Centre in Ontario. The card said the price was $13.99 CAN but when I left the store, I was waiting for my wife, and decided to look at the receipt. It said I paid $17.99 CAN. So I went back inside and pointed out the discrepancy. The Cast Member told me that it was a mistake, and that the price had just been raised but they would refund me the difference. Which they did.

To conclude the story, I said: “So, you’re closing the stores and raising the prices?” All I got was a smirk. Disney has advertised that deep discounts are going to be rolled out soon to help liquidate the remaining stock. But are they going to raise prices first? It might be something to monitor if you have been waiting for an item to be reduced.

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